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Name: Audrianna Angel
Age: 21

The Story: One of the best things about living in the US and especially Los Angeles, is the ethnic variety of girls that are available. One can sample girls from around the world without having to leave the city not to mention the beautiful "mixed" girls we run across as well. Our recent addition, Audrianna Angel, is a 22 year old who comes to us from the mid-west who now resides in LA while trying to break into acting. Tony was struck by her contrasting features, big blue eyes and a real deep dark tan, when he met her while getting his car serviced at the dealership. He struck up a conversation and this is when he learned that she gets her looks because she is half German and half native American Indian.

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Tony told her that he could help her gain more exposure and gave her his card. Later he found out that after he had left, she had asked the people at the dealership if he was legitimate and one of the mechanics told her that he had made several girls famous. Audrianna told him that after this, she took his offer seriously and gave it some thought over the course of a week. After getting up the courage to call him, Audrianna called him and they set up a meeting at Tony’s place on a weekday evening the following week.

Since Tony had already talked to Audrianna on the phone and told her all the details of what would happen, she showed up to his place ready to go. After interviewing her and getting her to tell us her story, Tony proceeded to have her undress to let us all see her beautiful tanned body. Tony then started his trick of eating her pussy, knowing that it always works up any girl to going all the way. “Lick a girl right and the rest will follow” is a saying that Tony and I have always followed. Anyways, after fucking Audrianna for a good hour, Tony pumped her belly full of his seed not knowing( or caring! ) if she was on birth-control. Since Audrianna didn't protest while getting filled with cum, we can only assume that either she was on birth-control or didn't care as well. We will all know the answer to that question in a few weeks.

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